It’s Not About Just Emoting

There’s something that’s bothered me for many years about the kinds of Christians that have been growing up in our churches.

Here’s the moving rendition of the song, “Charity,” by Kelly Willard, where the words of I Corinthians 13 are set to music.

CHARITY (Love) by Kelly Willard

So, the questions that I have are: when we have listened to the song and been caught up in the emotion, have we actually shown the love of Christ to one person? If we sing the song ourselves, and it moves our hearts, have we genuinely loved one person?

The song is a valuable aid to understanding and reflecting on the words of scripture, and it can be a valuable reminder to believers. I do believe that we sing it in our churches far too infrequently. But singing about it and feeling it is not the same as doing it. I think that we have far too often confused an overwhelming sense of pity for people in affliction and difficulty for the actual exercise of Christlike love.

I think that we’ve become far too accustomed and habituated in our churches and among our fellow believers to emoting about scriptural matters. We’re very good at that. But we’re also one of the least discerning generations of believers in many, many years. My personal thought is that we’re probably also the least careful and engaged generation of believers that have had free access to printed Bibles since the Reformation. Are we aware that Jesus is not so concerned about how much or how deeply we may feel as much as whether we know, believe and follow his Word?