Don’t Take It Personally . . . But Please Take It Seriously

This is just a short bit of advice for what I write here in this blog and those who read it.

Don’t take it personally.

Please take it seriously.

The comments and observations that I put here I try to make applicable to a number of situations. I don’t aim them at any one person. So if you see something here that you think is aimed at you, it probably wasn’t intended as a personally aimed zinger. Some of the situations which I may mention may actually have taken place in a number of times and places, more than once – otherwise I don’t consider them worth mentioning.

But I do ask that you take what I write seriously, especially as it applies to the scriptures. No one ever has to think, say or do anything because I write so; but if anything that I write here is in accord with the Word of God, I implore you to take it seriously, even if you don’t take the messenger seriously. And if you find anything challenges you, or may even convict you, please simply pray about it, and ask God to counsel, encourage, comfort and direct you in that matter from his Word.


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