Gifted, Talented . . . and Christian: Guidelines for the GT Spiritual Quest


I’ve found that many who are GT are open spiritually, but are often open to many diverse influences. They will often be led by both curiosity and spiritual hunger to such influences as Eastern religions like Buddhism and Hinduism or New Age and cultish religious stews of Eastern religious doctrines, occult practices and Western pseudoscience such as UFOs, meditation, reincarnation, and various forms of spiritism. Many who are open to these are also profoundly ignorant of Biblical and evangelical Christianity. Their views of these may be no more sophisticated than a child of eight or nine. Their views of evangelical Christians may be no more than echoes of media caricatures. They may also view evangelicals as lumped together with all ‘religious’ people as all being ‘hypocrites,’ and this view may have a basis no stronger than a foolish or offensive action by a ‘religious’ person during their childhood. The appeal to intellectual integrity may draw them to a more reasoned and adult investigation of the claims of Christ and the trustworthiness of the Bible. Pointing out the false impressions that they have may draw them to an actual investigation on their own.

A challenge simply to investigate the claims of Christ, to learn what the Bible actually says and what evangelical Christianity is really all about may be sufficient for some. For others, there may need to be some groundwork needed, to establish more what a well grounded belief really is. It will need to be both corroborated and reasonable. Certainly Biblical Christianity will stand up to these criteria and be found to be a well grounded faith and withstand a fair investigation of its claims and validity

  • Correspondence: this means that the belief is corroborated as adhering to reality. The primary methods of doing so are by the methods of human investigation.

  • Coherence: this means that the belief is reasonable according to human logic. What is divine revelation may not in itself be able to be discovered by human logic and investigation but it does not torture logic to demand belief.

In addition, those in the spiritual quest must be warned of the dangers.

  • Know the difference between truth and beauty. What seems subjectively appealing and attractive may not be true.

  • Know the difference between historical corroborated events and human conjecture, speculation, legend and fabrication.

  • Understand that what is supernatural may not be good. Spiritual evil is supernatural but malicious and destructive.

Here are a series of questions for a gifted person on an investigation of spiritual things. These can be asked in a conversation with a gifted person to his or her level of comfort.

  • What are the actual spiritual experiences that you have had?

  • What has been your religious upbringing, if any?

  • Have you been able to have your questions about religion and spirituality answered to your satisfaction?

  • What are your personal opinions, convictions or experiences regarding Jesus, and what do you base them on?

  • Have you read the Bible, especially the New Testament, personally

  • Would you be willing to read a book such as The Case for Christ or More Than a Carpenter as a starting point to investigate the credibility of the claims of Jesus?

  • Would you like to know more about God and know him better than you know him now?

  • Do you at some time and in some way pray regularly?

  • Has anyone taken the time to explain the message of the Bible concerning eternal life with you and to be a partner with you in investigating its truth?

  • Would you be willing to take a course such as the Alpha Course to explore the claims of Christ?

  • Do you find that there are longings in your heart and problems in your life that you simply cannot handle by yourself?


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