Forgotten Christian History: No Awe Before the Earthly Authorities

I’ve heard from multiple sources how many pastors and evangelical leaders are seduced by the aura of power when they receive an invitation to the White House. In contrast, here is a link to the interview that the Scottish Reformer John Knox had with Mary Queen of Scots: John Knox interview with Mary Queen of Scots.

One other example stands out from Christian history. When the Methodist preacher Peter Cartwright was told that General Andrew Jackson was in his audience, he said, “Who is General Jackson? If he don’t get his soul converted, God will damn him as quick as he would <anyone else>."

One of the characteristics of genuine fear and respect for God that comes from being filled with the Spirit of God is an amazing boldness and forthrightness yet with genuine respect before earthly authorities. The strength of Jesus and the apostles before the Jewish authorities has often been demonstrated in believers throughout the centuries. Spending time before the eternal throne of God in prayer definitely gives a believer backbone and prevents him or her from being overawed by earthly offices and officeholders who are men and women with feet of clay. Genuine spiritual power does not stand prostrated before earthly authorities.


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