Reflections on Jessie Davis’ Life and Death

It’s been a little over two years since Jessie Davis’s murder. The news of her murder went nationally here in the USA and
also, I believe, internationally. This blog entry (Jessie Davis’ murder – One year later) appeared in the print edition of the local newspaper, and there’s also a link to the local coverage of the murder at the time.

Though I’ve never met any of those involved, this murder interested me for several reasons. First, the place where her body was found was in an area which was familiar to me — it was near a road where I regularly commuted some years ago. There are also two Boy Scout camps nearby (one of which was where my parents met when they were on staff), and I was afraid when I first saw the aerial shots of the area on the first news reports that her body may have been found by a group of hiking Boy Scouts — thankfully, it wasn’t. Second, the pastor of the church where that her family attended she grew up has been a family friend for about 35 years.

According to the accounts of Jessie Davis’s life, she had a number of dreams when she was in high school that never materialized. She seems to have had a dream of being a missionary nurse, and went to college with that dream. But what happened? Apparently she got caught up in the party culture when she went to Kent State University, and her life became a downward spiral from there. How did she so easily and so quickly become a party girl?

As I’ve looked at the accounts of her life, and have shaken my head in wonder at the dreams that she had but apparently never learned how to set and attain goals in her life so that at least some of her dreams could have become reality. I’ve also wondered how she could have become involved with an abusive, exploitative loser like Bobby Cutts. I wonder if anyone ever told her anything to the effect that her heart is something too precious to be given away too easily and to the wrong person.


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