Revival and Ministry to Those Going Through Deep Waters

Fellow members of the body of Christ who are going through deep waters will always need fellow believers to minister to them. That’s one of the things that I’ve treasured about my brothers and sisters in Christ at the Chapel Hill Church in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; when I was going through a hard time, they didn’t leave me suffering in silence but were there to listen and pray with me. I’ve observed with sorrow that sometimes when someone is going through a difficult time, other believers stand back gaping like rubberneckers looking at an accident on the expressway. Usually all it takes is five to ten minutes to listen, comfort and pray with someone, and that small demonstration of the love of Christ can weld a person to a church for a lifetime.

I think that many of our churches new seem to have be missing out on what I remember as a much more vibrant ‘Body Life’ from many churches in the 1970’s. It seems to me that we’ve lost a lot of the openness that was there in the past to share personal needs and testify to the grace of God in meeting a need or overcoming a sin. I think that the tendency now may be much more to see a person who is candid about a need to be a group ‘fix it’ project, ‘damaged goods’ or simply ‘weird.’ This indicates to me more and more the desperate need for revival in many of our churches, of the kind of revival of love that the 1973-1974 Canadian revival was.


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