People I’ve Met, Wisdom I’ve Received

Here I will give some reminiscences of both good friends and slight acquaintances. I must warn you that there will be nothing here that is not as positive as I can make it! Sorry, there is no dirt to be found here!

  • Rich Mullins

    Rich Mullins was a significant figure in contemporary Christian music throughout the 1980’s. I believe that it was he with whom I traded a number of jokes while waiting for a bus at a Christian retreat in the spring of 1980. Here is a summary of his life and influence: Rich Mullins – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • Ravi Zacharias

    Ravi was one of my professors at Alliance Theological Seminary, and I house-sat for him briefly during the summer of 1981 when I was recovering from a knee operation. Here is the link to his ministry’s website: Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM)

  • Norman Geisler

    Norman Geisler has been one of the leading Christian philosophers and apologists for the past generation. He gave the Pippert Lectures at Alliance Theological Seminary in the fall of 1981. He noticed me going through my Greek references for a paper, and traded some friendly banter with me. The lessons on the use of elementary logic as part of demonstrating the coherence of the Christian faith are still with me. Here is the link to his personal website: Norman

  • John Fischer

    John Fischer performed as part of the Pippert Lectures in the fall of 1980 at Alliance Theological Seminary. His mixture of humility, compassion and witness touched many. Here is the link to his website: The Fischtank – a think tank operated by John Fischer.

  • John Perkins

    John Perkins spoke in the fall of 1976 for Christian Student Fellowship at Miami University, and those of us who lived in the CSF house at that time were privileged to share a meal with him. Here is where to find more information on his significant ministry: John M. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation and Development, Inc.

  • Edith Edman

    Edith Edman was the wife of V. Raymond Edman. They served at Wheaton College during the 1940’s, and were helpful to a young aspiring pastor named Billy Graham during those years. I met her in the fall of 1982 when I was in Salem, Oregon. I remember especially her devotion to prayer, her concern for revival in our churches, and her concern with the unspirituality of many worship services in our churches.

  • Ramesh Richard

    Ramesh Richard taught our class on cults briefly during my third year of seminary. His humor and knowledge were quite infectious. Here is the link to his personal website: Ramesh

  • Edwin Yamauchi

    Edwin Yamauchi taught the classes on ancient history which I took at Miami University in the 1970’s. His breadth and depth of scholarly knowledge and fair presentation of the issues were matched only by the depth and reality of his Christian commitment. Here is more on him personally: Brief Biography
    Jesus, Zoraster, Buddha, Socrates & Muhammad: The Life, Death and Teaching of Jesus Compared with Other Great Religious Figures

  • Max McLean

    The Christian actor Max McLean was a classmate of mine during my third year of seminary. It was at that time that he began his extraordinary public performance of the Gospel of Mark. Here is more information on him:
    Interview with Max McLean
    An Interview with Max McLean

  • Al "Bubba" Baker

    Al Baker was a part of the very popular Cleveland Browns teams of the 1980’s.

  • Dave Puzzuoli

    Dave was also a member of the the very popular Cleveland Browns teams of the 1980’s. He is, to me, the epitome of the expression, ‘gentle giant.’ One of the great plays that I remember from that time is when he sacked the Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway in a crucial game.

  • Ralph and Lou Sutera

    Ralph and Lou were instrumental in the Canadian Revival of 1973-1974. I met and spoke with Lou briefly when I attended a conference for the Canadian Revival Fellowship: Canadian Revival Fellowship: Ralph and Lou Sutera

  • Rex Humbard

    I ran into him briefly when I was working for his ministry in the summer of 1978.
    Rex Humbard Ministry
    Rex Humbard From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • Tom Netherton

    I ran into him when he appeared at the Cathedral of Tomorrow in 1978. He is as tall as he appears on camera!

  • The past presidents of my denomination — Louis L. King, David Rambo, Paul Bubna and Peter Nanfelt.

  • James Doohan

    I saw him briefly at the only Star Trek convention that I ever attended.

  • Archibald Hart

    He has appeared often on James Dobson’s "Focus on the Family" broadcast. He taught a seminar on ‘The Emotional Hazards of the Ministry’ in the fall of 1982 which I attended during my ministry internship in Salem, Oregon. Here is the way to his home page: Dr. Archibald D. Hart – Home

  • Lisa Hullinger

    Lisa might not be a person whose name is familiar with many people. She was a friend of mine in college, and she was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in September 1978 while she was in Germany. Her parents then formed the organization Parents of Murdered Children.
    Robert and Charlotte Hullinger fondly recall their daughter Lisa
    Ex-Librarian Guilty of Murder

  • Darrell and Cheryl Phenicie

    Darrell and Cheryl serve as missionaries with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in the Middle East. They are both among the finest people that I have ever met.
    Evangelicals Flock Into Iraq on a Mission of Faith
    Missionaries will find pain precedes unity

  • Captain Penny

    Captain Penny was the host of a local cartoon program, whom I and my brother met briefly as a child. His kindness in speaking with children is one thing that I continue to remember as an adult. His real name was Ron Penfound: Children’s Show Hosts: Captain Penny

  • Big Chuck and Lil’ John

    Big Chuck and Lil’ John are local hosts for horror and science fiction movies. I met them while they were on a personal appearance at a local video store. They were both gracious and humorous.

  • Thomas Stebbins

    Thomas Stebbins was a past missionary to Vietnam and Executive Vice President of Evangelism Explosion International. I first met him in 1979, when he came to my home church of Stow Alliance Fellowship for the Home Bible Study Seminar. It was then that I heard his thrilling story of how he escaped the fall of Saigon by leaping from the roof of the US Embassy to a helicopter that was just lifting off. I next met him as he taught the Evangelism Teacher Training Seminary in the summer of 1972.

  • Biswanath Halder

    Biswanath Halder was the man who went on a shooting spree at Case Western Reserve University in 2003. I believe that I met Halder back in the fall of 1999 when I was taking a software development course at Case; if he’s the person I’m thinking of, I believe that he was actually one of the more helpful people in the computer lab at that time. Here is the record on his conviction: Former student convicted in university rampage

  • Ted Kooser

    I met Ted in August 2006 at the Columbus Writers’ Convention. He’s the 13th Poet Laureate of the USA. At the Convention I had the rare, probably once in a lifetime, experience of hearing the Poet Laureate of the USA give a reading of his poetry. Here’s his website: Ted Kooser | Home


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